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Author / Speaker / Mentor

After a 30+ year career in hospital and physician practice administration, I am re-inventing myself.  After all the successes and failures I’ve been a part of, I’ve amassed a trove of knowledge about the root cause of success and sustainability in healthcare organizations – QualityQuality Is My Passion.

I have a mantra:  Quality Sells, Quality Pays, &
Quality Costs Less

In my retirement, I want to share my knowledge and passion with the next generation of healthcare administrators.  My main focus is Quality Improvement in ambulatory operations, but many of the lessons I’ve learned in pursuing my PhD at the University of Reality are relevant across the entire healthcare enterprise. My new job title is Author/Speaker/Mentor.

I’m an Author

I’ve witnessed a remarkable evolution of healthcare over the last 30+ years.  Starting from a Ward Clerk in a hospital in 1976, to Associate Administrator of a psych hospital, to Practice Manager of a solo psychiatrist, to owning a billing company, to Practice Administrator at several large physician groups, to COO of a diagnostic imaging practice, to Director of Revenue Cycle for thousands of physicians, to REC Consultant, to independent consultant – I’ve seen the Cause & Effect of a lot of successes and a lot of failures.  When I look at healthcare in its current state, I see the amazing progress that’s been made, but I also see huge opportunities to improve Quality and financial performance through enhanced communication, coordination, and cooperation. 

My Writing Is Targeted At Helping Physicians, Practice Managers And Healthcare Executives Communicate, Coordinate And Cooperate To Improve Quality In All Their Systems And Operations.

Current Writing Project:  “Revenue Cycle CODEX©” – an in-depth study of 80+ key revenue cycle workflows and performance-enhancing sub-systems, with over 400 Objective Quality Criteria.  Think of it as an objective lens for discovering “More Torque” in your revenue cycle.  The first two modules are available at the introductory price of $25 for both.  Here’s a link to the introduction:  [link]

Check it out – I think you’ll see your revenue cycle from a whole new perspective – and that’s just the intro!

Here are a couple samples of my previously published articles:

“The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Physician Practices” – an exploration of how the Great Recession of 2008/2009 impacted physician practices.  Hint:  The impact was huge and caused a revolution in how healthcare is documented and funded.  We’re still reeling from the impact 10 years later.

 “Game‐changer: How Do HDHPs Affect Medical Groups?” – a survey of how physician practices are responding to the challenge of High Deductible Health Plans.

I’m Looking for Freelance Writing Opportunities On These Topics:

  • Physician/Healthcare Revenue Cycle
  • HIT/EHR/EMR/PM/RCM Implementation & Workflow Integration
  • Building a Culture of Quality in Healthcare Operations
  • Patient/Provider/Employee Engagement
  • Quality Improvement in Healthcare Operations

I’m a Speaker

My first formal speaking engagement was in 1996 – speaking to the Cincinnati chapter of HFMA about
“Using The Internet To Improve Revenue Cycle Performance.”
   Since then, I’ve presented numerous times to numerous organizations:

  • State & Local Medical Association Conferences
  • State CPA Association Conferences
  • Local HFMA Chapter Meetings
  • HIT Classes at Xavier & Miami Universities
  • Local, State and Regional Medical Group Management Association Conferences & Webinars
  • Vendor-Sponsored Seminars & Webinars
  • Physician Groups

My Presentations Aim To Help Physicians, Practice Managers And Healthcare Executives Communicate, Coordinate And Cooperate To Improve Quality In All Their Systems And Operations.

Here are some sample presentations that have been popular:

“Culture ate my Project!” – An Exploration Of How Different Departments/Silos/Sub-Cultures Can Find Common Ground And Cooperate To Create Better Outcomes For Any Project

“The Unified Revenue Cycle” – The Zen Of The Revenue Cycle: Everything Is Connected To Everything; Discover The Power Of Communication, Coordination & Cooperation

“Game Changer – High Deductible Health Plans” – A Survey Of How Physician Practices Are Responding To The Challenge Of High Deductible Health Plans.

Consider me and these topics for your next conference or webinar:

  • Quality Improvement in Ambulatory Operations
  • Revenue Cycle Performance Improvement
  • Building a Culture of Cooperation & Excellence
  • Integrating HIT/EMR with Ambulatory Operations

I’m a Mentor

All the knowledge I want to share, I owe to the brilliant people who mentored me and inspired me to investigate the root cause of peak performance in the revenue cycle:

Edward M. Goldberg taught me how to engage providers and patients in the acute setting. Tom Ziesmann taught me the power of Accountability. Stacy Bateman taught me what Quality implementation & training look like. Robert Prichard, MD taught me the value of honesty, fairness and integrity. Joseph Bateman, MDE taught me how to bridge the culture gap between physicians and the I/T department. Jeff Berte taught me financial acumen.

I’ve learned a lot of mojo from thousands of teachers over the years – some good, some bad – and I’ve been a part of some big successes and big failures.  I want to give healthcare managers and executives some of that mojo, leveraging Quality for peak performance.

Quality Sells; Quality Pays; Quality Costs Less

I’m looking for management training/coaching, consulting, and mentoring opportunities in these areas of strength:

  • Revenue Cycle Performance & PM System Implementation/Conversion
  • HIT/EHR/EMR Implementation/Conversion
  • Patient/Provider/Employee Engagement
  • Quality Improvement in Ambulatory Operations
  • MACRA, MIPS, NCQA, etc.

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