Brace For Turbulence

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Here comes another wave of turbulence and headwinds in the healthcare storm we’ve been navigating.  Can you feel the shift in the currents?  Our budget compass is spinning; the political cyclone we’re embroiled in has intensified; the financial waters are choppy; and we’re headed into wave after wave of organizational change.   On top of that, the weather just got colder.  Healthcare spending is sluggish and hiring is freezing.  Healthcare leaders are hunkering down for a rough patch.  Wise healthcare leaders have been through much worse, and they know how to ride out the storm, hold course and maintain forward momentum.  Here are some key tactical maneuvers:

  • Assess Core Systems for Maximum Horsepower
    • The storm will magnify even small pre-existing problems and impede progress
      – preventive maintenance will improve through-put and revenue

      • Revenue Cycle Optimization
      • EMR & Technology Optimization
      • Patient Flow/Communication Optimization
  • Check the Compass & Ensure Proper Heading
    • Shifting currents will make it hard to keep key projects on track – enhanced guidance will maintain progress toward strategic goals
      • MACRA / MIPS / APMs
      • PCMH / CPC+
      • Patient Engagement/Satisfaction
  • Empower the Crew
    • Constant sea-change like this is hard on people
      – good leadership and training will help them get the job done

      • Management Accountability
      • Employee Training/Engagement/Satisfaction
      • Provider Training/Engagement/Satisfaction
  • Hold Course
    • Now is not the time to lose our heading.  We need to keep our prow headed into the weather.  Our objectives of better outcomes, lower cost and better patient engagement are a beacon guiding us to a more sustainable future for healthcare.  MPS has guided thousands of physicians through stormy waters; navigating toward better outcomes for healthcare.

Prudent leaders are not only ensuring their organization will weather the storm – they’re making sure forward progress is maintained toward strategic goals.  MedPractice Solutions was founded in October 2008 to help physician practices navigate the healthcare storm created by the Great Recession.  While we are still dealing with the after-effects of that storm, the next wave is upon us.  Are you ready?


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